Vacant properties and brownfields are a major issue in the Northwest Area and their remediation and productive re-use is a key to the community’s future. The Northwest Area contains a large number of brownfields, which are properties with either suspected or proven contamination. Hundreds of vacant lots and homes account for nearly 40% of the Northwest Area’s properties. Groundwork Indy is a part of the collective effort to deal with this problem, with a focus on environmental and open space solutions.

In collaboration with Groundwork USA’s Brownfields Technical Assistance Team, Groundwork Indy is supporting efforts underway to address brownfields.  The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Program funded the creation of the Northwest Area Progress and Redevelopment Plan (see below). The plan development process was led by environmental consultants, Keramida. A primary goal of the plan is the redevelopment of the former Carrier Bryant Brownfield site (19-acres) into a financially sustainable enterprise to address community needs identified in the Northwest Area Quality of Life Plan. These needs include resident employment, community engagement, food access, health, education, and economic development.

Northwest Area Progress and Redevelopment Plan